'64 Lincoln Continental Billet Rear Bumper Inserts + sticker kit option

On sale $229.99 - $275.00

'64 Lincoln Continental (sedan or convertible) billet rear bumper insert pre-sale. These were made from the original inserts. They are held on via strong two-sided tape. These will NOT come off easily once installed! There is not a factory curve to these pieces as they are flat. Don't forget to order the bumper insert sticker kit to complete your order!

These are made to order! When you order them please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery as they will be made and dropped shipped directly to you with tracking number!

Order will be submitted to make the sets. Upon receiving (from our vendor), we will ship out ASAP via USPS. Tracking number will be provided at that time. Sticker kits are avail separately