Skate Deck - Twin States Mazda "Reincarnation"

On sale $64.99

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Eli Griffin's Mazda Cab Plus 1992 Mazda B2200 which has a rich mini truck history. This truck started with Chris Hansen in copper. Eli acquired it and built an amazing mini which was green and silver. He later rebuilt the truck to what you see here know as "Reincarnation" in the Mini Truckin' Magazine feature! "Reincarnation" was on the cover of Jan 2008 issue of Mini Truckin' Magazine and went on to went Mini Truck of The Year!

Sticker pack includes 3 stickers: full artwork on the back of the shirt, front Mini Truckin' Syndicate logo (Who Framed Roger Rabbit nod) and just the Mazda truck itself!

Items available after the pre-sale:

-Aluminum sign (just the truck)
-Sticker pack
-Stake decks

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