Minis On Da Rise Vol. 1 Remix Shirt

$25.00 - $27.00

Classic "Minis On Da Rise Vol 1 (Mike Dominguez)" shirt remixed paying homage to the BMX legend Mike Dominguez and his previously owned truck! This is a one-time run of our iconic first shirt (with Graphic Disorder) which has been remixed with new artwork on the front! Show your support for OLP with this classic design! Shirts are Gildan tagless dry fit where avail.
Changes from the original run: Front has been redesigned to feature Our Lifestyle Podcast script which closely ties into the Mike Dominguez Strike bike from the 1980s. WOW, that's Heavy! Back remains the same. Why bring the shirt back? It is one of our top requests from fans and casual show-goers!

Addl merch avail in other areas of the store: stickers (rear & front artwork) & banner.